Arranging the Pieces

I spent yesterday with three brilliant, wise women writers. We talked, sang, laughed and told our stories. On a hike by the lake, we came across several small cairns. Who made them, I wondered. And why? To mark this spot? To create art? Just for fun? Why take the time to arrange rocks in this manner? As always, I’m searching for a deeper meaning in it all.img_2613

When I got home I thought about the cairns some more. Of course, I got lost down the Google Trail of Neverending Information. (Need to know something about cairns, ask me! But soon, because I won’t remember for long. 😄)

Then, I remembered a favorite Virginia Woolf quote. Writing in her diary about work, life, and unwelcome and unexpected interruptions to her writing schedule she concludes, “Never mind. Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” In other words–take life as it comes. We really have no other choice, do we? This was just what I needed to hear. Earlier I was lamenting to my friends about my recent bout of feeling uninspired and uncreative.


So maybe someone happened upon this cove and found these rocks. And decided to arrange the pieces. Maybe in so doing, they were able to arrange other pieces–their thoughts, their writing, their life. But what do I know?


Some see a stack of rocks. Some see art. Some see a life. Some see a sign.


Never mind. Arrange whatever pieces come your way. Just make sure good friends, good art and good times are tucked in there with the other pieces–the shabbier, less fun, uninspired, unwelcome pieces. Isn’t that the point?


All photos taken by me with an iPhone. October 15, 2017, Falls Lake. North Carolina.

15 thoughts on “Arranging the Pieces

    1. What an important book to be reading, Lynne. And (still!) very timely. Woolf and her coterie–the Bloomsberries–were all deep thinkers. I go back and re-read their work (especially diaries and memoirs) often. I glean so much insight from each of them.

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  1. Yes indeed! On the same wave-length again Cheryl! I would be there musing about them, going back in history, searching for who and what and why, looking or something deep and meaningful……… I have a friend who practises eco-art. He goes out and finds some natural items and arranges them in a manner that looks entirely natural but which, once spotted, captures your interest and attention. The object is to make you look and wonder. He feels he has failed if the viewer decides it is man made. I suspect that is what you were pondering on and therefore you have made one eco-artist very happy!

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    1. It really is fascinating to come upon these works of art. I appreciate the artists who create them knowing how very temporary they may be. I certainly needed to see these cairns–they jumpstarted my creativity. Thanks for stopping by, Pauline 🙂

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