Resting Continued…

I’m still resting and keeping a slower pace for the winter, but wanted to check in on this last day of January with a vignette of my month.  The first hellebore to bloom in my garden, front door squirrel drey, squirrel at his back door, what a cute face!, hawk (x3) with the most amazing … More Resting Continued…

The Next Right Step

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We are not handed a guide at birth entitled Fail-proof Steps to Living This Life. As such, I’ve lived most of my life through a lot of trial and error–heavy on the error side. I’ve also learned that sometimes I just have to take the next right step and … More The Next Right Step

Not Your Childhood Stick Figures–Art in Duke Gardens

I finally made it to Duke Gardens to see the unbelievably creative natural sculpture made by artist, Patrick Dougherty. At 18′ tall, it’s quite a sight to behold. There, in the middle of the South Lawn, stands these lifelike, yet not totally lifelike, stick people. Now, these are not the same stick figures that we … More Not Your Childhood Stick Figures–Art in Duke Gardens

Arranging the Pieces

I spent yesterday with three brilliant, wise women writers. We talked, sang, laughed and told our stories. On a hike by the lake, we came across several small cairns. Who made them, I wondered. And why? To mark this spot? To create art? Just for fun? Why take the time to arrange rocks in this … More Arranging the Pieces

Dance of the Great Blue Herons (or something like that!)

  A few weeks ago we were walking past our neighborhood lake and saw two Great Blue Herons performing quite an elaborate dance. We stopped to watch, not completely sure what was happening. They flew in low circles around each other, flapping their long stretched-out wings. First one rising, then the other. Each time they … More Dance of the Great Blue Herons (or something like that!)

Happy Friday! 

   If this swan can dance like no one’s watching, you can, too! Rise up, shake it off, and let your joy create ripples for all of the world to feel! Yeah, get out there and make the world a better place for all beings. It’s up to each one of us to be the … More Happy Friday! 


Reflection Each day, each walk, she’s always there. Waiting; I’d like to think for me. But who can know? I feed her green mosses and pond-grasses. She takes them from my hand. Unafraid. Aware. Last week she bit my finger. I must remember to not take it personally. After all, she is nature. And so … More Reflection

And Then All That Has Divided Us Will Merge

And Then All That Has Divided Us Will Merge. I’ve written in previous posts about the power of poetry to console, heal, connect, and  explain the unexplainable. This poem, ‘The Merger Poem,’ by Judy Chicago does exactly that. Plus, it gives me hope for a more just, equitable, and harmonious future. The refrain, And then, seems … More And Then All That Has Divided Us Will Merge