Links to Published Articles and Essays:

Cary Living Magazine
Making a Difference: The Romance of Raptor Rescues
November/December 2017 (also appeared in Midtown)


Western Wake Surges Forward
January/February 2018

Midtown Magazine 
Feeling Stressed? Take Five and Go Outside
September/October 2017

Green Thumbs for All
March/April 2018 (also appeared in Cary Living)


All the Buzz About Bees
May/June 2018 


Animal Adventures Around Our State
Midtown Magazine July/August 2018

Photo: Conservators Center

Animal Adventures Around Our State
Cary Living Magazine July/August 2018

Photo: NC Zoo

Gardening to Attract Birds July/August 2018
Midtown and Cary Living magazines

Photo: Will Stewart

Midtown Magazine July/August 2018
Minding Your Business: Flavors From Afar
Polonez Polish Market

Cary Living July/August 2018
Minding Your Business: Global Foods at Local Grocery

Golden Hex European Groceries and Deli

Midtown September/October 2018
Out on the Town: Dog-Friendly Raleigh

Cary Living September/October 2018
A Page in Time

Discover the Wild West

Fall Fun For All

Cary Living November/December 2018
Cary’s Finest… Sometimes Have Four Legs and a Commanding Bark

A Holiday Tradition Burns Bright Across Cary

Cary Living January/February 2019 (also in Midtown)
Building Community: Africa Connections Love Abounds is Changing Lives 

Community: Showtime for Downtown Cary

Midtown Magazine March/April 2019
To Every Life a Season: Historic Oakwood Cemetery’s Death Letter Project

Cary Living March/April 2019
Plant it Forward: Celebrate Arbor Day in Downtown Cary

O. Henry Magazine March 2019
Heaven in a Wildflower

Seasons Style & Design Spring 2019
The Garden Guru: Flora’s Abode

Seasons Style & Design Summer 2019
The Garden Guru: Wild Kingdom

Midtown Magazine May/June 2019 Also appeared in Cary Living
Urban Nesting: Tour d’Coop
Cascading Wonders: Waterfall Adventures Across North Carolina

Citizen Scientists Unite

Salt Magazine July 2019
Come Sit a Spell!

Cary Living July/August 2019
A Sense of Place: Historical Preservation Enhances Cary’s Character and Charm

Seasons Style & Design Fall 2019
The Garden Guru: Come Sit a Spell! In Praise of Garden Benches

Cary Living September/October 2019
Nature Bathing: Cary Offers 80 Miles of Greenways

Midtown Magazine September/October 2019
A Village Within

Seasons Style & Design Winter 2019
The Garden Guru: Hellebore Heaven

Cary Living November/December 2019
Check it Out! Cary Regional Library Opens in November

O. Henry November 2019
Taking Root

Cary Living and Midtown Magazines January/February 2020
Recycling 2.0:
What you need to know to master the art and science of recycling in 2020

Cary Living and Midtown Magazines January/February 2020
Plant, Prune, Plant: Now is the season to set the stage for spring and summer

Seasons Style & Design Spring 2020
Back to Nature: Sustainable gardening is easier than you might think

Midtown and Cary Living March/April 2020
Garden Around the State: Botanical Destinations to Explore

Seasons Style & Design Fall 2020
Native Intelligence: Indigenous Plants Keep a Garden Healthy — and Beautiful

Midtown and Cary Living Magazines November/December 2020
Planning Safe and Distant Holiday Meals

Midtown and Cary Living Magazines January/February 2021
Local Labyrinths: Take the Path to Well-being

Seasons Style & Design Winter 2020
The Garden Guru: Japanese Maple

Work in Anthologies

TAF Stays Home: 29 Freelancers Writing eds. Arlene Bice & Marilyn Iturri
Essay ‘Nesting’


The Atelier Project: Conversations About Creativity ed. Molly Murray
Essay ‘Virginia Woolf: Creative Writing Teacher’


Streetlight Magazine Guest Blog Post
Taking the Next Right Step

Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies
Essay ‘Roads Not Taken’ appears in VOL. XVIII:I.

Duke University Master’s Project on DukeSpace
Bloomsbury and the Natural World

This thesis explores the role that the natural world played in the art and writing of the Bloomsbury group. Very little academic work has been done on this topic beyond the coffee-table books on the gardens of Charleston Farmhouse and Monk’s House. Most serious work has been on the various themes of nature found in Virginia Woolf’s more popular novels. Nature is a prolific theme in the Bloomsbury Group’s painting and literature and they devoted much time to it. Their attitude towards nature was one of respect, not veneration like that of the Romantic period. They viewed man as a part of nature, not outside of nature, or controlling nature. Holding a biocentric view of nature, they eschewed the prevailing attitude of anthropocentricism. They were concerned with the idea of civilization and wrote extensively about what it meant to be civilized. Another major Bloomsbury theme was the contrast of nature wild versus nature tamed. These ideas were discussed, written about, and depicted in their artwork. This paper investigates the aforementioned Bloomsbury topics and also includes man (and woman’s) relationship to nature, terror in the garden, joy in the garden, and the protection of nature.