Vegan Planet

April is National Poetry Month.

I’m sharing another poem that I wrote at the Focusing on Form workshop (I wrote about this in my last blog post) just to show that I can write a lighthearted poem. I don’t focus only on death in my writing; although it seems to be a theme in my work. So, just for fun…


Vegan Planet

Vegan Planet lives on top of my
cookbook shelves,
covered in dust bunnies and kitten fluff.
I want to live a simple and mindful life,
never inflict pain or cause harm.
But damn, bacon sure is delicious.
TLT just isn’t the same;
tofu has never tickled my tastebuds.
Nothing compares
to Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.
Purists do not even drink beer
made with live yeast.
I do want to chop wood
and carry water.
I do want to be one with all.
I know I will return in another life
less hedonistic. More steadfast.
Much more pure,
with less affinity for yeasty beer.
But for right now I push Vegan Planet back
into its dusty slot and pull out my tattered copy of
The Barefoot Contessa instead.

Update: This was written 5 years ago. I consider myself to be mostly vegetarian. I eat very little meat; I just don’t like it. Plus the tension between right and wrong (Yay! Another theme!) gets the best of me because I love animals. I mostly subsist on pasta, avocados, bread, olive oil, cheese, and coffee. I still like a good BLT, and I still hate that I do. I enjoy an occasional ice cold beer on a hot summer evening, with yeast, hold the isinglass. I still try to be mostly good. Most of the time. Oh, hell–sometimes I’m good. I’m a recovering perfectionist. I’ve acquired a taste for tofu. I’m still hoping to be much more enlightened in my next life. The struggle is real.



4 thoughts on “Vegan Planet

  1. Yes, I’m a vegatarian, successfully making the leap from carcass based food to things that grow out of the dirt. At first it was strange, but then I got used to it. I even took a hankering to tofu, if for no other reason than it is so bland that one can season it to taste like just about anything. I say vegatarian because them restaurants don’t serve up my soy-based alternatives and sometimes I get a little cheese or butter or what have you. It’s all good. I’m a chef so this all borders on the hilarious, but the 40 years with only one spate of illness since the switch has helped to stay on the diet. I wish you the best!

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      1. Scrambled Eggs:

        I do this off the top of my head so this is loosely translated.
        One small block of soft or medium tofu.
        squish this between one’s fingers and place in olive oil greased frying pan
        turn as needed – leave slightly browned
        Add a tablespoon of chicken style seasoning
        1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt
        Several dashes turmeric
        Several dashes red paprika – for desired colour
        Several dashes of onion powder
        Dash of garlic powder
        Add additional chicken style or sea salt to taste if needed
        Note: it may take up to a second tablespoon of chicken style depending on the block of tofu.
        This usually looks and tastes almost like real scrambled eggs. I’ve served it to friends on occasion and they have not noticed the difference.

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