When Bad Things Happen

When bad things happen, I step outside.
I want to plant my hands, my feet, my body into the soil.
Let Mother Earth hold me, console me.

I listen for a still small voice–it’s all going to be ok.

It doesn’t come this time.

I wait. I wait. The sun goes down. The sun comes up.
I wait.

There is something here beside me, but it doesn’t speak or whisper.
It is not the still small voice I long to hear. 

Maybe, this is the tipping point. Maybe we can’t come back from this.
Maybe this was one too many grievous sins.

Maybe no matter what I wish for, desire, want–it’s not going to be ok.

Not this time.

I want to make it better. I want to use my pen and paper to smooth it all out.
I want to type the right letters that spread optimism.
I want to add sparks of hope on this dark night, in this dark world.
I want to see green and blue instead of black and red.

I want us all to be ok.

I write the last sentence and stare at the screen. I press delete.
How can I ever hashtag a school shooting?




11 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen

  1. This is such a powerful reflection Cheryl – I know how dumbfoundingly idiotic and painful it is for us to hear of, here, so far away – I couldn’t imagine how it must be to live through again and again……. these words bridge that gap. I’m so sorry though that you had to write this.

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  2. You’ve captured the feeling just right. I don’t love the expression “there are no words” but they do come close to getting at the impossibility of writing your way out of this kind of grief, frustration, and rage.

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