Co-workers: Freelance Writer Style

We all have that one needy co-worker. I’ve told her three times that I’m working outside today. I am not going inside on this beautiful sunny day! She can just get over it!
Good thing I’m the boss.

“Riiiight,” she sneers. “Good thing you’re the boss.”

And then I gather my computer, books, pens, and coffee mug. And go inside to work.

Photos and video of one of my four favorite co-workers. I mean, the boss.

13 thoughts on “Co-workers: Freelance Writer Style

  1. I know the feeling! Maybe you could write something about how to get over the guilt of leaving your pet home alone… I swear it stresses me out!
    By the way, I was at an Urgent Care with my daughter over the weekend and while waiting I opened a Cary Living and there was your name and article!! What a pleasant surprise:)


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