Time, Time, Time: Quiet Walkabout

Today is a quiet day. I’m working on an article that’s really important to me. I thought I had more time until deadline, but turns out I don’t. I think the Buddha said something like: The problem is, you think you have more time.

Oh yeah; I can relate. Many of us can, in many different ways.

I have a special friend on my mind today. Her mother was just moved into hospice care. She lost her dad only a short time ago. So my heart grieves doubly for her. We who’ve been through this know the pain and heartbreak of saying goodbye to a parent. When they’re both gone, it leaves us feeling orphaned or untethered. It’s a strange, new space to be in. 

I walked today, much like every day. I observed the flora and fauna around me, much like every walk I take. But today, I paid closer attention to the little things. I needed to slow down and really observe the path. I needed to be in the moment, because that often slows down time for me. I needed to just be. 

So in keeping with the quiet mood of the day, here’s a few photos sans my usual commentary. Let them be for you whatever they need to be. Simply observe. Have a peaceful evening, friends. 





26 thoughts on “Time, Time, Time: Quiet Walkabout

  1. Thank you, Cheryl, for these wonderful photos – so lovely. That little fuzzy moth, the fiesta skirt fungi on the tree, and the feather on the water. It really felt like a slow, thoughtful walk – happy to be on it with you. We do always think there’s more time, but on the other hand, when we think there’s never enough, we can make ourselves nuts. About finding balance, no?
    BTW, for you, the latest ZoonooZ – https://www.ahscares.org/downloads/ZnZ-Fall2019-web.pdf. Enjoy. 🙂

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  2. Your photos are spectacular. They are so textured I feel that I am touching them–smelling them, too.
    I am so sorry your friend is going through so much now–and that you have taken on a bit of that burden yourself (emotionally). xo

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  3. You have beautifully recognized the abundance of nature’s gifts, Cheryl, in the captivating photos and self-care. Undoubtedly, that walk proved beneficial for your time management and spirit. Good luck with the article!

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  4. Thank you for taking us on your walkabout. Your photos are so lovely, such balm for the soul. I love turtles. They always lift my spirits. My condolences for your friend. It’s good to know she has friends like you to turn to.

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  5. thank you for your peaceful walk with us, sharing your beautiful finds and your beautiful soul. Yes, you are so right about orphans and as my own family seems to be smaller and smaller, I am grateful for my other family, the ones who are friends who become family. And that helps. It truly does.

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