Six Seasons and a Row of Ducks

Hi everyone. I hope all is well around your way. I’m fine, and as usual, just trying to keep all of my ducks in a row. But where is the row? And where are my ducks… lol

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I’ve been really busy starting the new garden consulting business. I’ve been doing some consultations and some maintenance on existing gardens. I love it! It’s going at a slow but steady pace, which is manageable for me right now since I’m still doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work. There’s a lot to do to set up a business the right way. Thankfully I have several good friends who are offering wise counsel, support, encouragement, and business advice. I’m getting there.

Check out my business site, Six Seasons Garden Consulting and while you’re there, subscribe to my monthly newsletter. It comes out the first of every month with lots of good garden and plant information, as well as garden-themed book, podcast, video, and garden product recommendations. Also links to local and virtual events. And a fairly comprehensive garden maintenance calendar. I’m having a lot of fun combining two of my loves–gardening and writing. You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram at Six Seasons Garden Consulting.

It’s hard to believe that winter is past the midway point. I have crocus, hellebores, and aconites in bloom. Lots of snowdrops, too. The daffodils are about to peek out as well as so many other beauties. What’s blooming in your garden?

Stay warm. Stay healthy. Stay the course. See you here next time. Until then, I’ll be in the garden. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Six Seasons and a Row of Ducks

  1. A number of my plants were blooming but we’ve had some cold nights and now the flowers are gone 😦 I have confidence, however, that they will bounce back with some TLC. How wonderful that you’re finding a way to combine your two loves. Good on you!

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  2. Cheryl, congratulations on starting up a new business that will challenge you, make you happy, and bring good advice and happiness to others! Not to mention the planet, I’m sure. Good for you and I wish you every success. The photos are lovely.
    I tried clicking on the website address, and it said there is a critical error on the website and it wouldn’t open. Perhaps you want to take a look. If on IG, we could follow each other!! (I’m dragging my feet but will be on FB soon, too.)
    All the best … Jeanne

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    1. Hi Jeanne. Thanks so much! Sorry about the website. It was down today but is up and running now. 🤞🏼 If you get another chance to look at, it should be good. I am on IG. I have my personal and business account. I’ll try and find you:) Ugh, Facebook. I have a real love-hate for that platform. 😂 I hope you are doing well!


  3. Look at those flowers!!!! And good for you for coming up with a way to combine your two loves (non human or feline ones, I mean). Can you describe exactly what you are doing for gardens? And are you focusing on your local area and/or growing zone?

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    1. Thanks, Luanne. I am doing two things: consults and maintenance. Or three actually: teaching. Short answer is whatever the client wants and needs. I’ve had several consults only, where the client wants to know what they should do for a certain site or issue. Another client wanted me to teach her how to winterize her garden. I’ve been doing lots of garden maintenance—weeding, fertilizing, planting, pruning. I’m doing a little bit of everything. Yes, my focus is on this area—Raleigh/Cary NC zone 7B getting closer to 8A. There’s a lot of info on my Six Seasons website if you ever have time to take a peek. A friend created the site and did an awesome job—much better than I could have done! Thanks for your comment. ❤️

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