Gratitude, Perspective, and Garden Art

I planned all spring and summer to buy new garden ornaments to adorn Flora’s Abode, aka my garden. And here it is mid-September. It just didn’t happen. Unexpected healthcare costs, among other unexpected and expected costs, came up and of course there’s never enough extra for the fun, frivolous things, right? I wanted new birdhouses. … More Gratitude, Perspective, and Garden Art

Not Your Childhood Stick Figures–Art in Duke Gardens

I finally made it to Duke Gardens to see the unbelievably creative natural sculpture made by artist, Patrick Dougherty. At 18′ tall, it’s quite a sight to behold. There, in the middle of the South Lawn, stands these lifelike, yet not totally lifelike, stick people. Now, these are not the same stick figures that we … More Not Your Childhood Stick Figures–Art in Duke Gardens