My Gift from the Sea

I’ve just returned home from a week spent by the Atlantic Ocean. My favorite beach activities are walking along the shore looking for seashells, watching birds and dolphins play and remembering what a tiny, although vital, part of the Universe I am. I try to read the many books I drag along each time in … More My Gift from the Sea

The Instructions

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it. ~Mary Oliver This is exactly what I aspire to do on my daily walks and here on my blog. How do you define living a life? Remember, it’s not just exhaling and inhaling. Nor is it merely surviving. Those things are necessary, of … More The Instructions

10 Things I’ve Learned on My Yoga Mat (That Help Me Out in the Real World)

“All life is Yoga.”~Sri Aurobindo    Don’t worry about how much better your neighbor seems to be doing than you. Yoga, like life, is not a competition. Remember: comparison is the thief of joy. If you find yourself getting too twisted up: pause, take a deep breath, gently release, and start over. Relax your grip–your … More 10 Things I’ve Learned on My Yoga Mat (That Help Me Out in the Real World)

This View

This View Looking up the hill. I never tire of this view; this tree; this silhouette. These colorful clouds are a bonus. I always thought I’d have to travel far, far away to experience the wonder and beauty of this world. Now that I’m almost fifty years old, I’m realizing the most beautiful place on … More This View