Growth: A Look Back

This month marks my 3-year anniversary of blogging. Merriam Webster recognizes this event as a blogiversary, just not officially. Yet. I wanted to take a look back three years ago to the beginning of my blogging journey. But, I have to admit, this was not truly the beginning of blogging for me. I had been … More Growth: A Look Back

My Gift from the Sea

I’ve just returned home from a week spent by the Atlantic Ocean. My favorite beach activities are walking along the shore looking for seashells, watching birds and dolphins play and remembering what a tiny, although vital, part of the Universe I am. I try to read the many books I drag along each time in … More My Gift from the Sea

Virginia Woolf Goes Global at the Women’s March

This is a great post from Blogging Woolf. Virginia was spotted in the crowd at the Women’s March in Washington, DC. Of course, she would be there, protofeminist that she was. I think we know what she would have thought about this election. Thanks, Paula Maggio @woolfwriter, for this excellent, important, fun post! Photo credit: … More Virginia Woolf Goes Global at the Women’s March