Don’t Look Away: The Time is Now


The Time is Now

Sitting cross-legged on the linoleum floor

two tiny girls, pigtails, doggy-flaps,

bodies wriggling.

Brown eyes, blue eyes

watching every move I make.

Telling silly stories.


Squirming to and fro

no hurry, no worry.

We are here together.

After a while, I notice the pile of dirty laundry,

heap of dirty dishes. 

Sunlight streaming through the dirty West window

and landing on their baby cheeks.

I turn my head to check the time

Clock on the wall says NOW.


I turn back and there where babies just sat,

two beautiful women in their place.

Brown eyes, blue eyes

smiles, laughing at the silly stories once told here.

“Where are the babies? They were just here. Just now, only a moment ago.”

Blue eyes look at brown eyes, then all eyes on me.

I jolt up in bed. Was it a dream?

Was it all a dream?

Small? Grown? Which?

Mumbling, I sort through the years and come up with this:

It is now and it is not now.

I turned away for a minute–No! A second. And like magic,

I cannot explain it,

they grew and grew into women.

Don’t look away to see the time.

The time is Now. And always has been.


I wrote this post after a dream I had. It happened exactly like I tell in the poem. I couldn’t precisely convey the confusion I had upon awakening. I was disoriented and really had to think about what was true here–did I still have small girls, or had my babies grown up into beautiful, strong, intelligent women? They had. They are. This dream haunted me for days. How quickly it all goes by! And even faster as I grow older myself.

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