10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Down at the Lake

  1. I thought that’s what it was! A blue heron. How lovely. Maybe you see them often? I don’t. We have Red Hawks, Caracas, Hoot Owls, Great Horned Owl (these I only get to hear, but one drops a feather now and then)…and all the other little ones, golden finches, titmice, chickadees, cardinals, scrub jays and on and and on… I simply love birds. I have multiple feeders and water out for them always. do you?

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    1. Yes, GBH are a common sight in NC. I live close to several small lakes and I usually see one fishing near the water’s edge. We also have green herons which are so fun to watch. I adore birds–all of them. I’m particularly mesmerized by hawks and owls; we have both here. Our neighborhood lake is also home to a swan that I’m fond of. I think he may be in a couple of my blog posts. I have several feeders and bird baths. Also a few bird houses in my garden. All wildlife is welcome here–deer and fox included! I collect all of the feathers I find and keep them on my meditation altar. There are so many different sizes, colors, textures. They’re simply beautiful!

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  2. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping br formidableWoman. I live this post: wordless poetry. I call them poems in pictures. I especially love tge blue sky/blue lake. It us completely Zen. Tganks for posting. By the way, what kind of bird is this?

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    1. Hi D! Thanks for your kind comments. There is something very zen in that picture-nature is so magnificent! The bird is a Great Blue Heron and it’s one of my favorites to photograph. I’m glad I found your blog, art, and poetry; I look forward to reading/enjoying more of it.

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  3. These are beautiful photos. I just returned from a few days at our cabin in the San Juan Islands here in the Pacific Northwest, where I’ve been going since I was six, and your photos remind me that being in and enjoying nature is wordless.

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    1. Thank you! Being able to immerse oneself in nature for an extended period is a wonderful treat and healthy necessity. I’ve never been to the PNW, but hear it is a true nature paradise. I was having coffee just today with a dear friend from Seattle; I keep “threatening” to come stay with her so I can enjoy that beautiful area (the gardens!!).

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