Becoming Wise: An Evening with Krista Tippett


     A few months ago I had the honor of hearing Krista Tippett speak in person. I wasn’t disappointed as she is every bit as wise and eloquent on stage as she is over the airwaves. I’ve been a fan and faithful listener of her shows Speaking of Faith and On Being for many years. Her conversation with Frank Stasio, the host of North Carolina Public Radio’s The State of Things, provided important takeaways to think about, which I have been doing. The talk was engaging and gave many opportunities to think about the words we use in daily conversations and how they affect all of us, our communities, and our world. Most of all I came away inspired to truly listen to others, to speak words that add to the healing of the world, and to tell stories of everyday beauty, mystery, and love about this wonderful/crazy thing called life. As Krista says in her book (I highly recommend reading it) Becoming Wise about each of us:

You have your stories, the dramatic and more ordinary moments where what has gone wrong becomes an opening to more of yourself and part of your gift to the world. This is the beginning of wisdom.

     On Being’s website has infinite information on creating inclusive conversations that bring folks closer to understanding each other while still respecting our differences. It’s a valuable resource, much needed in this time of increased civil unease. The Civil Conversations Project is a great place to start.

The Civil Conversations Project (CCP) is an emergent resource for renewing public discourse and nourishing common life in this century. CCP is a series of radio shows, podcasts, live events, and digital resources that open, inspire, and ground new spaces for conversation and relationship across the differences of our age. Read more on the On Being website.

Some notes from the evening that really made me think:

  • We are defined by how we relate to our enemies.~KT
  • Every sentence we ever speak is full of the lives we’ve lived.~KT
  • We have a capacity to become whole.~KT
  • Poetry hurts a little going in (quoting Marie Howe).~KT
  • God enters your life through your broken heart.~FS
  • We need to resist in ourselves the urge to be constantly in reactive mode. We need to be more like John Lewis’ spiritual readying during The Civil Rights Movement.~KT
  • Real listening is making yourself vulnerable.~KT
  • But now, at this time, we need to be wise and discerning. That’s the challenge.~KT

We need to be wise and discerning. I’m certainly going to try my best. The earth and our very existence depends on it.


Becoming Wise is available at your local bookstore or from Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC’s Independent Community Bookstore. You can stop in the store or order it through this link.

All photos taken by me. 

15 thoughts on “Becoming Wise: An Evening with Krista Tippett

  1. There’s a lot here to think about. The following words by Krista Tippett made the strongest impression on me: “Every sentence we ever speak is full of the lives we’ve lived.” Thanks for providing so much to think about!

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      1. Yes, I am fond of words, yet for various reasons, including stuttering, it has taken me decades to discover how fond of them I am. Thanks for helping me to think about this.

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      2. I remember your post about stuttering. I had speech therapy for years because I had a lisp. I’m not sure how much it helped; I still have a lisp, especially when I speak out of excitement (often!). May you/we continue to explore words:)

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  2. She sounds like a woman on a worthwhile mission Cheryl! It’s wonderful to have these moments of inspiration too – I especially like the thought of us all practising more careful listening for it seems that the political habit of insulting everyone you disagree with – or who disagrees with you – has become globally a habit for all. Care-ful listening, care-ful reflecting and care-ful questions are all things I want to get better at for sure!

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