Resting Continued…

I’m still resting and keeping a slower pace for the winter, but wanted to check in on this last day of January with a vignette of my month. 

The first hellebore to bloom in my garden, front door squirrel drey, squirrel at his back door, what a cute face!, hawk (x3) with the most amazing feathers, a kitty face I love waking up to, watercolor play…
And a belated neighborhood partridge in a pear tree…
Be well and warm.

26 thoughts on “Resting Continued…

  1. What a wonderful collection of wildlife (and kitty) photos. We have red-tails here, but never so close that I could capture them with any lens. Glad you’re still hanging in and sharing wonderful photos with us. I’m watching it snow (again!) outside the window, and am hanging on to that hellebore’s hope that Spring is dreaming of coming alive.
    Did I send you the link to the latest ZoonooZ? If not – Enjoy and take care.

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    1. Thank you, Jeanne! No snow here, but my goodness the torrential rains were nonstop for weeks. Today is sunny and I’ll be out among the hellebores:) I love Penelope’s fluffed feathers! They resemble lichen—so earthy and beautiful. Thanks for sending the Nooz along. x

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  2. Those feathers! Am contemplating what a slower pace actually looks like. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get any slower, but my brain is still spinning out of control. So getting body and brain more in sync might be the thing. I can’t remember where I heard about it – are you the one who wrote about the book Wintering? I have it on order.

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    1. I understand. My brain never stops—which is why I’m really practicing slowing down and lots of self care. I’m terrible at both of those, but last year(s) really took a toll on me. My body, mind, and spirit said enough. So I complied! I’ve pushed through too many times before and paid the price. Our fast-paced, loud, always-on society doesn’t help us attain any measure of balance. The author of Wintering was recently on the On Being podcast and spoke about all of this. It was a great interview. I hope you like the book!


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