Leap 2.0 (And the Power of Words)

“There’s always ways of motivating yourself to higher levels. Write about it, dream about it. But after that, turn it into action. Don’t just dream.”~Dan Gable


My last blog post was about taking the leap, carpe diem, making it happen, and checking off the bucket list–sooner rather than later. I wrote it appropriately on Leap Day and my intention was to encourage others to begin doing the things they dream of doing. I received several comments about it being inspiring, so I felt like it was a successful post. Now, I wasn’t talking about reckless abandonment; I fully believe in living within your means, at least most of the time. I suggested baby steps towards more wholehearted living and fulfillment of goals and dreams. I hope that post helped someone who needed to hear what I wrote. I know at least one person was moved to action: Me.

I realized a few days afterwards, that I wrote this post for me, as well. I needed to hear it again. Subconsciously, I wrote it knowing that it was time for me to take a leap of faith. And so I did. I promptly signed up for a weekend meditation workshop with an esteemed teacher that I have wanted to study with for years! Then, and here’s the practical part of it all, I figured out a way to pay for it. I’ll pick up more work shifts, I’ll add more yoga clients, I’ll purchase less books, and I’ll have to give up some precious leisure time to do so. I won’t regret it a bit, it will be worth it to study with Sally Kempton at a weekend retreat.

Why do I write? Because sometimes I need to put down on paper all of the thoughts in my head, just so I can make sense of it all. I write to know what I need, what is best for me, and how to understand what I’m feeling. Words are powerful, and yes, actions may speak louder, but sometimes actions need a little push from words to take the leap. At least that’s how it works for me. Let me know what you’ve decided to turn into action.


2 thoughts on “Leap 2.0 (And the Power of Words)

  1. Cheryl… you ARE an inspiration! Are you going to SEE Sally in Va.? I am beginning my travel bucket list now that my youngest child is not a child anymore. It is somewhat of a challenge for me… money being one, but one of my biggest fear about traveling is eating conventional foods. I know it sounds crazy. Who doesn’t want to go out to dinners when traveling? Isn’t that some of the fun? Well, for me, no. I eat specific things and I like it that way. So, thanks to you I will consider taking a leap of faith and try to enjoy healthy meals while traveling… my husband thanks you. Although he doesn’t say anything, eyes say it all as he has watched me pack up all kind of my organic food before we take off! I read about a phobia like this. BTW… I am in the middle of listening to The Microbiome Medical Summit… it is week long interviews with many doctors/nutritionist interviewed about the importance of our microbiome and how what we eat has a huge effect on our gut bacteria. Will I be able to stay committed to my leap?

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    1. Thanks so much, Kelly! Yes, I’m excited to be studying with Sally! I’ve always wanted to:) All of the food there should be really good, I would think organic. I know it’s either vegan or vegetarian. Good for you for traveling–however you have to do it. Pack your own food! Just make it happen and enjoy!! Yes, you’ll stay committed, I have great faith in you!

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